POV Cannibal Executrix Fantasy

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I have an irresistible craving for fresh raw human flesh and tonight I will have yours. You are nothing but my food for my hunger and my pleasure. I crave to rip the flesh from your bones with my strong teeth and taste your raw living flesh Related Categories: VORE, FEMDOM POV, FEMALE DOMINATION, FANTASIES, EATING Keywords: executrix, vore, femdom pov, female domination, fantasies, eating digest digested, nudity, foot fetish soles legs, stuck helpless, assassin, moaning fetish, big ass, bondage fantasy, femme fatale, female supremacy Related Categories: EXECUTRIX, MESMERIZE, MOUTH FETISH, UVULA FETISH, BELLY FETISH vore, ass fetish executrix legs, mesmerize, mouth fetish lip fetish, uvula fetish, belly fetish, tongue fetish taboo food, soles foot fetish, stomach, teeth chewing, femdom pov, swallow swallowing drool, dolcett, eaten alive eat eating
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