Alix Lynx - Secret ASMR

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2,309 4.0
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This is a great sexy ASMR video with a few caveats. It’s a very simple, almost JOI, style (although there are no actual instructions) which I actually quite enjoy. This is he kind of sexy ASMR I’ve been looking for. However, the part where the video fails a little bit is that there is not enough alternation between ears. The video is 10 minutes in the right ear before switching to the left after 7 and back to right for several minutes. They kind of sacrificed the audio experience to offer a really close up shot of Alix on each ear instead. There are also other, sexier shots of Alix mixed in which off some variety and more visual stimuli. This was done very well.
Lastly, if you are hear for the “homewrecker” stuff, it’s really barely mentioned in the video.

Alix is so glad you're back, don't worry, just put on your headphones and listen to her sweet voice in your ears. You know you can't resist. You know you love the wet sound of her pretty lips parting, the kisses against your earlobe, her breath against your neck as she begs to please you. It's ok, your wife is upstairs, just close your eyes and imagine having Alix on top of you, kissing you, licking you...sliding your cock into her soaking wet pussy. She'll be quiet as you imagine fucking her slowly. You can't be too loud, your wife might wake up. But she's getting close now, she's moaning in your ear, she's begging for you to imagine cumming deep inside her. Just let yourself go. She's here all for you. --- TAGS: Alix Lynx, whispering, ASMR, begging, cheating husband, binaural, blonde, fake tits, kissing sounds, moaning, wet sounds, close-up
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