Secretary Facestuffing Overeating Custom

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This is one of my older custom videos. Just releasing on ManyVids for the first time! Galas is getting ready for work looking at how fat she has gotten. She tries on different outfits, but they are all too tight because her boss has been stuffing her with food everyday at work! She is angry & she confronts him showing him her her body & how she can no longer fit in her clothes. He jiggles her fat butt & pats her belly & tells her that she has to keep eating everything that he brings her or else she will be fired! She does not want to be fired, so she agrees to this. First he brings her a huge plate of nachos & she eats them very fast. Then he brings her a plate full of tacos & she eats that too. At this point she is very full & rubs her belly telling him that she is so full that she will burst, but he still brings her another huge plate of food! After she eats the 3rd big plate of food she begs him not to feed her anymore. She is slumped back in her chair with a full belly & groaning. Her boss smiles at her & pats her belly & tells her that she can go now, but she is so stuffed that she can hardly move! She struggles to get up with such a full belly & waddles away holding her overstuffed tummy. Related Categories: GAINING WEIGHT, BELLY FETISH, FEEDER/FEEDEE, BELLY BUTTON FETISH, BBW , feeder / feedee
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