Cheating BF Cuckolds GF w Roommate

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Tigger Rosey

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2,863 5.0
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vrkomrad Aug 4 2018
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Incredible. I wish Tigger was my roomate. But honestly, this clip is by far the greatest thing on MV. It has everything you'd want to fantasize about! 10x better than getting a Nigerian Prince email. 11/10.

Tigger Rosey Aug 4 2018

Haha 🤗 thankyou so muchman! Enjoy 💕💕💕

Andrew_120 - Top reviewer Jun 10 2018
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Tigger Rosey is incredible in this vid. She looks absolutely stunning and her dirty talk/domination is some of the best. Each look she gives to the camera shows her desire to have her way with you and it truly makes the scene stand out. Such a beautiful, sexy, and stunning vid, and an awesome concept as well. I say this a lot, but Tigger Rosey is simply the best, and an amazing person all around. It's always great seeing her variety of content and I can't wait for more.

Vfanboi - Top reviewer Jun 9 2018
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Wild, creative scene perfectly done by Tigger! Her combination of domination and insatiable desire is incredibly sexy and hot! Beautiful POV of Tigger riding you, ordering you to come inside her while your GF is sleeping next to you. Amazing video of a unique scene! Delicious!

SlyWrshpr Jun 8 2018
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Yo this video is amazing! I love how the light reflects in Tigger’s eyes, really showcases are beautiful they are. Also, it helps if you fantasize the girlfriend in the scenario is also Tigger; 2 Tiggers! But I would never cheat on Tigger... unless it was with Tigger!?

Tigger Rosey Jun 8 2018

You dirtycheAt!!!!Howcould I 🤣

Thank you doctor 😍😍😍

omareth Apr 15
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Tiger is simply stunning. For me, she has that irresistible girl next door charm that really draws you in.

Tigger Rosey Sep 10 2018

Thanks rosalux!!

ReignOfSuperman - Top reviewer Jun 30 2018
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10/10 2 Thumbs and Very Hard Cock to this vid...just WOW...for a custom too you really did nail the guys request and apparently him. mmm, perfect job. been on top of me tho, as sexy as you were being...edging im like the best at but the second your shirt came off? fucking like mortal kombat...FINISH HIM...i'd just be over lol. Bravo, bravo!

Tigger Rosey Jul 1 2018

🤣🤣haha thanks so much!! You’re hilRious 💕

Custom video: i am your roommate and i've been crushing on you for a long time. You’ve snuck into my room at night and tied me down so you can have your way. Video shot POV style and looking up at you as if you were riding me. It would start with you clothed and climbing on top and explaining what you’ve done to a confused me who’s just waking up. You tell me to be quiet so my girlfriend in bed next to me doesn’t wake up. You tell me that you’re gonna take what you want, and I’m gonna let you because let’s face it, I’ve wanted it too. And you can tell I want it because you can feel me getting hard as you sit on me. Grind your hips for a couple minutes as if you were teasing my cock trying to get me harder. You can improvise some monologue here about how you’ve wanted me, or how you can tell I’ve wanted you, or whatever you want. Lean over as if you were covering my mouth with your hand and say “I’m gonna stick it in now, and you’re not gonna say anything, right? I’ll take you down with me if she wakes up.” Then act as if you were slowly inching yourself down on my cock and take your hand off my mouth. Then act as if you were riding my cock, bounce up and down, grind your hips, rub your clit, etc. Improvise a little dirty talk and monologue, and play into the scenario that you’re a dominant woman who talks what she wants and I’m a submissive guy that is conflicted about feeling so much pleasure being ridden by another girl next to his girlfriend. After a few minutes of “riding” me, stop moving as if I’m about to cum and you don’t want me to. Ask me if I’m going to cum so soon, and then tell me I’m not allowed to cum yet because you’re not done with me. Do this twice, a few minutes apart. The second time, tell me sternly not to cum, and that I should want to hold it in. I shouldn’t want to cum inside you with my girlfriend laying right next to me. When you’re good and ready, you’ll let me cum somewhere else (your choice). Also, the first time you stop, take off your shirt, and the second time take off your bra. Optional time filler: stop a 3rd time and pretend like you almost woke the girlfriend. After that, keep “riding” me and rubbing your clit until you orgasm (quietly, you don’t want to wake the girlfriend). After you cum, keep slowly “riding” me for a bit and ask if I want you to let me cum now. Tease me a little bit more because you know I’ve held my orgasm back twice already, and I’m about one stroke away from orgasm and can’t hold it in anymore and now you’re gonna make me cum inside your pussy even though I don’t want to (this idea popped into my head, you can use it if you like it “Are you ready to cum for me? You can’t hold it in any longer? But I want to keep riding you, it feels so good. Well I’m not taking your cock out of my pussy yet, so I guess you’ll just have to let it happen. Cum inside me. Do it. Cum inside me right now, or I wake her up.”) Then you can end it however you like
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